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On my my facebook page  this recent comment by a childfree woman  inspired me to collect some stories on parent-childfree friendships:

“ of my close friends became a mom a few years ago and we went through a painful adjustment period. I totally felt left behind and knew she secretly hoped I’d change my mind, and get pregnant. On the flip side, she felt left behind and unsupported as a new mom, and admitted she could not relate to me choosing to remain CF. Thankfully, our friendship survived and through honesty, love and respect for one another, our connection – although different – is not only there, but alive and growing!”

Parents who have childfree friends, and childfree women and men with parent friends, do you have a story about how your friendship went through an adjustment when kids came on the scene?

How has your friendship survived? Become even stronger?

What is your advice to those in the adjustment period or about to embark on it? To those who wish their friendship could be stronger?

I have posted on the parent-childfree topic before, but More needs to be out there, and I want to success stories from You!

I will collect and share….

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Comments (0) Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2012