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Since attending the book event last week on this book, I finished No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood by writer/actress/director/producer Henriette Mantel.  It’s an engaging collection of essays by her and 36 women writer friends who don’t have children.  The honest and forthright stories by baby boomer women… (more…)

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Add this new book to the growing number of books out there about the childfree choice: No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood. It is a collection of essays edited by Henriette Mantel, a New York comedy writer.

I am reading the book right now, enjoying it, and went to a book event this week in San Francisco where four of the contributors read, and then opened it up for discussion. Some high points: (more…)

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Anne Lamott

This piece by Anne Lamott that appeared on Salon is now three years old, but still so worth sharing. She explains why Mother’s Day “celebrates a huge lie about the value of women: (more…)

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When I first saw the title of Jen Kirkman’s new book, I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids, I sighed. On the upside, I loved the idea that there was a new book out by a great female comedian who was childfree.  Following the childfree for over a decade now and being committed to increasing its acceptance in society, I’ve seen coming in through the door of humor to be a great way to increase awareness and educate about the childfree choice.  Why did I sigh? (more…)

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Bringing this post back around – just the other day I got the same bingo as when I posted this before- the bingo related to the assumption that having children means a lack of  true meaning in one’s life. A woman commented that she didn’t really find what meaning in life meant to her until she had a kid–she then asks me… (more…)

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